Thursday, May 23, 2013

New LV Bag W Package Series

Louis Vuitton will be held in July 2013 launched a new package Bag W series models, the interpretation of the latest style. The large capacity of the package, presumably in the summer will certainly attract a lot of girls like, if you like, may wish to visit in July, when about LV Hello!

LV in the summer is about to launch a new section of the package, Bag W series of geometric and generous curves will be generous in July this year to see people.

Through a combination of tradition and innovation, the use of lines in a package outlined in paragraph three blocks, like the W word like charming.

Bag W series is like a symmetrical dual personality, revealing a woman's changing with different angles.

New material on the package shall follow the classic Monogram canvas and velvet cloth assembling, so silky smooth and tactile velvet to make a perfect combination.

The large capacity of the package, presumably in the summer will certainly attract a lot of ladies.

James Nike signature shoes sold $ 300 million

In 2012, James Nike signature shoes sold $ 300 million, compared to 2011, sales rose as high as 50%. This makes him no doubt become the best selling shoes 2012 NBA player.

Why James shoes so popular, "With James's performance on the pitch more and more exciting, and his star status is also gradually increased. Media high degree of concern, let James shoes sales rose a lot." Some market participants such comments to.

Notably, the Lakers star Kobe Bryant - Bryant shoes sales ranked second in the league, Bryant 8 on behalf of his endorsement signature shoe in 2012 sold $ 50 million. This contrast in 2011, Bryant's shoes sold some decline.

U.S. retail sales of basketball shoes

1, LeBron - James: $ 300 million

2, Bryant - Bryant: $ 50 million

3 - Carmelo Anthony: $ 40 million

4, Kevin - Durant: $ 35 million

5, Derek - Rose: $ 25 million

6, John - Wall: $ 5,000,000

7, Dwight - Howard: $ 5,000,000

2013 Nike beat Amazon,Flyknit and Nike + Fuelband

2013, Nike beat Amazon, Apple and Google, the U.S. "Fast Company" magazine as the world's most innovative companies. This traditional sports brand manufacturers never seemed bored to innovation, from the late eighties popular Air technology, to 2005 with "barefoot training" as the inspiration for Nike Free running shoes, to the 2010 World Cup, the 2012 Olympic Games with recycling plastic bottles environmentally friendly materials jersey sportswear, and then in 2013 was named the most innovative two products Flyknit and Nike + Fuelband.

Nike Nike + is digitized route which is very important step. Senior communications director at Nike Greater China HuangXiangYan opinion, Nike + Nike a subversive sense of innovative products. With Nike + platform, Nike provide consumers with a new vision sports life, but also for Nike brings digital age to explore and develop new areas, once again witnessed the brand on the continuous exploration and innovation efforts.

Leading lifestyle

Nike + Shoes platform to achieve the movement and the emergence of life in the digital era combination, Nike + so that more consumers, especially young consumers feel movement in living inside, Nike + users can only share in the social platforms and get help.

New season jersey videos

Recently, the Manchester City player Nasri, Joe Hart, Krishna, etc. Tong Fu outdoor shooting the new season jersey videos.